Natalia Caronna is a TV/film/fashion/special effects makeup artist based in Hollywood, CA. She has worked on several features, and has been the key makeup artist of 4 of them. She has also worked with Comedy Central, ESPN, Variety Magazine, Moet Chandon champagne, many editorial shoots, commercials, and has keyed 12 shows at New York Fashion Week 2017. She's worked with Akon, Stevie Wonder, Beverly Todd, Charlie Sheen, Nick Swardson, Nikki Glaser, Simon Rex, Chris D'Elia, and Harvey J. Alperin. Makeup has captured her attention since childhood. She grew up in show business as a competition dancer/singer/actress and spent most of her nights and weekends in a full face of makeup. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a BA in Radio/TV/Film. She started working as a PA in reality television and other scripted productions from networks such as Lifetime and Discovery ID.

After working as a PA for quite some time, she realized her creative needs were not being met. She had been makeup freelancing since she was 19 but never took it seriously until she decided to enroll in MUD’s Master program. Since graduating, she has also produced a documentary about the journey of makeup artists called, "What It Takes". She is currently collecting union hours and working towards becoming a member of Local 706. 

-"Makeup is the ultimate artistic medium. Life is lived in makeup, every single day. I want to create experiential art and contribute a quirky, fresh perspective to the makeup industry."